From December to March each year, we conduct several workshops to introduce Principals, school management, and other interested individuals to the Karadi Path methodology and the programmes we offer. The workshop duration is one day.

Below is a list of previous workshops. Please watch this space for our upcoming schedule, or contact Francis for more details. Phone: 044 4205 4243; Email :

The Science of Language Learning and an Introduction to Karadi Path:

The workshop presents some new insights into:

  • 1

    How our intelligence functions

  • 2

    The process of learning

  • 3

    The process of acquiring the mother tongue and multiple languages

  • 4

    The process of reading

  • 5

    The co-relation between language proficiency and learning outcomes

  • 6

    The workshop will be lead by C P Viswanath, Co-founder and Director of The Karadi Path Education Company Pvt Ltd. Viswanath is an educator, musician and entrepreneur with a strong background in international business. He is a co-creator of Karadi Path, a pioneering initiative which is changing the way English is taught in classrooms especially to first generation English learners. He is the Director of Pedagogy of Isha Vidhya Rural Schools which currently runs 6 schools across Below is a list of previous workshops. Please watch this space for our upcoming schedule, or contact Francis for more details. Phone: 044 4205 4243; Email :

Rhyme and No Reason

Poetry — something very beautiful and enriching — has become a painful chore at school. Teachers are uninspired by poetry and students neither enjoy it nor learn from it. Karadi Path Education Company presented a unique workshop to rekindle the joy of discovering beauty and purpose within the lines of a poem. ‘Rhyme and No Reason’ helped teachers rediscover the joy of reading and teaching poetry. It inspired and enabled them with methods to make poetry joyful for children in the classroom. By participating in this workshop, teachers got to experiment with different forms of poetry, learn interesting and fun ways of teaching poetry, listen to great renditions of poems and create dynamic lesson plans. The workshops were lead by Shobha Viswanath, Co-founder and Publishing Director of The Karadi Tales Company. Shobha has a dual Masters in English Literature and Special Education, and has taught poetry and literature to several CBSE and ICSE students. A speaker at several national and international forums, she has also conducted poetry and Shakespeare workshops for teachers and students in CBSE and ICSE schools.

Seminar on Language Proficiency for Learning Outcomes

How does language proficiency in children affect the overall outcomes of their academic experience? How much of the responsibility of improving language proficiency in early years lies with the formal education system? Does a school's choice of language of instruction affect a child's world-view? If yes, what are our expectations from the widespread choice of English as the medium of instruction in schools? Join us as we discuss these questions in the Seminar on Language Proficiency for Learning Outcomes.

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