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Thousands of students across India, with little or no English language fluency, study in colleges where courses are taught in the English language.

Crash courses in soft skills provide only shallow fixes to a deeper problem. It is as ineffective as placing a bandage on an acute wound.

We have to learn to stand before we can learn to walk, and we have to learn to walk before we can learn to run. If we drive English proficiency through comprehension (listening and reading), fluency in expression (speaking and writing) will easily fall in place. This leads to a 360 proficiency in English.

Most importantly, the students will show dramatic improvement in their core subjects.

The Karadi Path Methodology

Karadi Path derives its core principles from the natural way in which we learn our mother tongues or other languages from our environment.

  • 1

    Intuitive * Immersive

    Structured immersion through intuitive and logical learning stimuli leads to easy acquisition of language.

  • 2

    Non-linear * Non-instructional

    The process is completely non-instructional. Grammar and comprehension are not taught. A non-linear approach enables each student to access his / her most effective learning path through a series of scientifically created language experiences.

  • 3

    Multi-sensorial * Multi-modal

    Language learning happens through the kinaesthetic, visual and, most importantly, auditory senses. Different modules such as JumpStart, Action Path and Story Path converge to deliver holistic language learning.


overcomes the student’s inhibition in engaging with an unfamiliar language and also promotes peer learning.


teaches tangible and intangible language using the body as a learning tool using different types of commands.


provides intense auditory immersion through a series of specially created stories and drives comprehension through story based conversation, dialogue, miming and tiny theatre activities.


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