About US

Karadi Tales, Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle are iconic Indian brands that have influenced generations of Indians. These brands have been known for the passion, excellence and innovation that they represent.

Karadi Path Education Company Pvt. Ltd.

Karadi Path Education Company Pvt. Ltd. is an offshoot of Karadi Tales and continues the legacy of passion, excellence and innovation.

At Karadi Tales, it was observed that the Karadi Tales audiobooks were being used to support language development, both formally and informally. When the people at Karadi Tales started studying this use, they realised that the need for improving language skills was high and Karadi Tales audiobooks were only partially fulfilling it.

The core questions that confronted us were:

  • How do we all learn the mother tongue so well and so easily?
  • How does a 4-year old child in the slums of Dharavi learn 3 or more languages just from the environment with no teaching at all?
  • Why is it that after 7 or more years of learning Hindi as a subject in the best of schools in Chennai, most of the students do not understand or speak the language fluently?

For the last 12 years, we have been working in a focused way towards answering these questions. We have been working towards deconstructing the way we learn language naturally from our environment and reconstructing a similar process for the classroom.

Karadi Path is an indigenously developed process that makes language learning easy.


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